Park district continuing to roll on bike path plan

PORT CLINTON – With Ottawa County’s “Active Transportation Plan” for a new bike path proposal set to be presented to the public Wednesday, the Ottawa County Park District is continuing steps to become more active itself.

“One of the things that have become apparent for the implementation of this potential (bike) trail plan is that the park board has got to become effective,” said park commissioner Gary Kohli, in a meeting with Ottawa County Commissioners on Tuesday.

“It’s got to become a working board rather than a board that has just existed,” Kohli said.

Since the Ottawa County Park District meeting on Aug. 2, the first time the park board had met officially in over a decade, Kohli said he has been speaking with the Sandusky County Park District to seek guidance with structuring the board.

“Sandusky County is going to be very, very helpful to us,” he said. “The commissioners of that board are very much encouraged that (Ottawa County’s park board) is going to become active.”

Kohli said he was referred to Tom James, director of the Medina County Park District, who previously helped the Ashland County Park District become established and functioning.

“I’ve talked with (James) and he is very anxious to work with us,” Kohli said.

Funding for any services provided to assist the Ottawa County Park District putting the structure in place to become an active board is still being determined.

Don Flick, previously a member of the Ottawa County Park District since it began 1992, resigned earlier this month.

Kohli said Judge Kathleen Giesler, of the Ottawa County Probate and Juvenile Court, who oversees the appointment of park board members, is considering several individuals who have expressed interest filling the vacancy.

On Wednesday, Aug. 29, at 6 p.m., the Ottawa County Active Transportation Plan will be presented at a public meeting at the Ottawa County Visitors’ Bureau, 770 S.E. Catawba Rd., Port Clinton.

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